If you need support during this time of national unrest, the services below can help you to stay safe and informed.

Please note that these resources link out to external websites or phone numbers and will use some of your mobile data and airtime.

Know the facts

Fake news is circulating on WhatsApp groups and social media, and these services will help you identify what's fact vs. fiction. Keep yourself informed by using these two hotspot checkers:

Unrest Tracker

This uses credible news reports to populate a map of hotspots that link out to the source of the news article.

Link to Unrest Tracker

SABC Hotspot and Routes Map

A custom Google Map created by SABC based on their reports that shows you hotspots as well as helpful travel routes based on road closures and blockages.

Link to SABC Hotspot and Routes Map

Emergency resources

If your life or the lives of those closest to you is being threatened, here are some emergency resources you can use:

SAPS Crime Stop

Phone: 10111

Childline South Africa

National crisis line, therapy for abused and traumatised children

Go to website

LifeLine South Africa

Free counselling line for trauma counselling and support

Phone: 0861322322

Woman Abuse Helpline

Crisis counselling for women who have been raped or abused

Go to website

Phone: 0800150150

South African National Council for Child Welfare

Protecting kids from abuse

Go to website

Phone: 0113395741

Primary Health Care – Facilities and Services

An official Department of Health resource that helps you find your closest primary health care facility

Go to website


Free online depression and anxiety support 

Go to Facebook page

Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR)

Free Mental Health support for anxiety, sadness, depression, suicidal thoughts and any form of violence

Phone: 0712411831

COVID Emergency Hotline

Phone: 0800 029 999

Water outages

Phone: 0800 200 200

Helpful tips and guides during national unrest

These links are from credible resources that give you tips on a range of topics: